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Ingredients of life

Want to be like an air but not airhead one, 

Needed a breath of fresh air without any unattainable aspiration

Want to be like a fire but don’t add fuel to it, 

I am a baptism of fire without to breath it

Want to be like water but feels like dead in a water,

Situations made me better to walk on water 

Want to be like a sky but don’t blow something by high sky, 

Sky down on this globe before gonna the great library in sky

Want to be like the earth but without making hell here, 

Spreading the glory and making heaven by all care 

                                       – N. N

Hello my people!!! Hope you all are doing great and safe and healthy at home 🏡 it’s seems pretty amazing when you are on roll but standstill like down to earth one. Every element in life has its own specific identity, so try to adapt these to make a clear vision in your entire life. Trust, honesty, gratitude, peace, calm, love and joy can enlighten your these ingredients to the fullest. Once you understand this compilation, no worry can bother you so much. Stay healthy and enjoy your life to the fullest as it’s way beautiful. #writeups #mypoems #expressingthoughts #millionwordsinmymind #inspirationalquotes

Thanks for reading and stay blessed 💐 💐 💐


Published by Neha nandwana

I am strong and that's enough

32 thoughts on “Ingredients of life

  1. Humans , have all elements of earth and heaven within themselves , spiritually and physically …
    Heat symbolizes motion and warmth , water is fluidity and dissolution , the earth is solidity , groundednese , firmness and cohesion and the sky or air symbolize aspiration and flight …
    We contain all those elements in a balanced way …

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