My heartfelt words: Scooby-Doo

I can fill the void in your empty heart,Love you unconditionally won’t behave like a bratI might not in your whole life,But make your life whole with an open eyeI am your guardian angel,Would hug you anytime with every angleYes I can sense every Negativity,But promise to give you all positivityIf my day will comeContinue reading “My heartfelt words: Scooby-Doo”

Our Aspirations are our responsibilities

Disappointment drives you up the wall, but don’t let your heart sink Hope makes you feel like you are in a black mood, but don’t cut it out to create great things Failure blows up in your face every time, but don’t give up until victory seems in the bag. -N.N Hello my people!!! HopeContinue reading “Our Aspirations are our responsibilities”

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