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My heartfelt words: Scooby-Doo

I can fill the void in your empty heart,Love you unconditionally won’t behave like a bratI might not in your whole life,But make your life whole with an open eyeI am your guardian angel,Would hug you anytime with every angleYes I can sense every Negativity,But promise to give you all positivityIf my day will comeContinue reading “My heartfelt words: Scooby-Doo”

The penned thoughts – 11

Hello my people!!! Hope you are doing great and safe at home 🏡 sometimes the darkest moment teaches you alot, make you able to face the horrifying situation so easily. But just remember one thing in life, don’t let the weakness conquer your mind. Learn with every single step and see how beautifully it deliversContinue reading “The penned thoughts – 11”

Daughter :A Greatest Gift

She can be silent as a grave,Or seems like a fire and braveShe can be loud as a storm,Or The diva in any formDaughters are like flowers,They fill the world with beauty and happiness’s showerShe is a treasure of every parent,The most amazing creature whose nature is so apparentGod blesses her with so much ofContinue reading “Daughter :A Greatest Gift”

Fit as a Fiddle

You believe umpteen bases need to be cover,You have a plethora of possibilities to ponderUnder certain circumstances you could become quiet,Take a risk and allow to spur you on, make that vibeDozen reasons could stop to make your move,Push on a preconceived ideas just dare to grooveBe a dead cert for all the rewards,Rule yourContinue reading “Fit as a Fiddle”